Wildlife Works, Inc. Annual Fundraiser Dinner Dance

It's almost time for our Annual Fundraiser Dinner Dance, where we have a blast eating and dancing together with our community.  This event is a huge fundraiser for Wildlife Works, and supports our wildlife care efforts more than you can imagine.  Please join us on Saturday, September 30 from 6-10 PM and share our flyer wherever you'd like. 

If you are an individual or a business and would like to donate food or a prize item to our event, please contact the wildlife works office using the information on our contact page. See you there!

New Waterfowl Enclosure: Construction Update


Construction on the new Waterfowl Enclosure is progressing again, much to our delight.  The concrete pouring is finished, and support structures are in place.  Let's hope that the unpredictable summer weather allows us to move forward quickly.

Check in with us soon for more updates!

Hempfield Manor Community Educational Event

On May 21, 2017 our friends at Hempfield Manor hosted a community educational event to great success.

We deeply thank everyone who attended, and the volunteers who helped and baked delicious food to sell.  We raised over $850 during this event!

Winter/Spring 2017 Newsletter

If you would like to download and read our most recent newsletter, click here! In this issue, we provide updates on our rehabilitated mute swan, and our friend the Bald Eagle who is still under our care.  Learn about our most popular winter admission, the shy and adorable flying squirrel.  Please enjoy reading, and share this informational piece with your friends and family.

Wildlife Rescue Rules

Spring is on its way and wildlings will soon be out and about! If you see an animal that may be in distress, please refer to our Wildlife Rescue Rules before intervening. In many situations, it is actually better to leave the wildling alone! To view our suggestions on how to handle a wildlife situation, please click here

Summer/Fall 2015 Newsletter

Wildlife Works had yet another busy spring and summer season! We admitted all sorts of interesting wildlings, including some snapping turtles! Click here to read our current newsletter and to read about some of our fascinating animal admissions! Also, there is an update on our red-tailed hawk patient that we featured in our previous newsletter! 

Shopping Using Amazon Smile!

When shopping through Amazon.com, please consider using the web address http://smile.amazon.com. If you use this web address, Amazon.com will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to a charity of your choice. One of the charities you can choose from is Wildlife Works, Inc! More information can be found at Amazon Smile's FAQ webpage.

Golden Eagle Success Story

This past March, we took in a Golden Eagle that had been hit by a train and had a broken wing. After months of rehabilitation, we are proud to say that he was successfully released on July 24th! Take a look at our slideshow below to see the progress this gorgeous animal made during his stay with us! A big thanks to Milly Gallik for taking these amazing photographs! Also, watch the WPXI news story here!

  • Golden Eagle when he first arrived
    Golden Eagle when he first arrived
  • Golden Eagle receiving treatment
    Golden Eagle receiving treatment
  • Golden Eagle's talon!!
    Golden Eagle's talon!!
  • Closeup of Golden Eagle's face
    Closeup of Golden Eagle's face
  • Golden Eagle in the raptor barn
    Golden Eagle in the raptor barn
  • Almost ready to be released!
    Almost ready to be released!
  • Release Day!!
    Release Day!!
  • Golden Eagle being released!!
    Golden Eagle being released!!
  • Golden Eagle back in the wild where he belongs
    Golden Eagle back in the wild where he belongs
Golden Eagle when he first arrived
Golden Eagle when he first arrived

Supplies Needed!

Wildlife Works, Inc is always in need of various supplies to keep our wildlings happy and healthy! Look on our "Donations" tab for the latest list of supplies that we are in need of, or click here to download a printable copy.

Amazon.com Wish List

Wildlife Works, Inc has created a wish list on Amazon.com that contains supplies that we are currently in need of.  Through this list, you can have your donated supplies shipped directly to us via Amazon.com! To see our wish list, click here!