Summer/ Fall 2017 Newsletter

New Waterfowl Enclosure: Construction Update


Construction on the new Waterfowl Enclosure is progressing again, much to our delight.  The concrete pouring is finished, and support structures are in place.  Let's hope that the unpredictable summer weather allows us to move forward quickly.

Check in with us soon for more updates!

Events from the recent past:

Wildlife Works Inc. will be participating in two awesome educational events during the next week!  

First up, we will be at the Keystone State Park in the Kell Visitor Center on Friday, October 20 from 6:00-7:00 presenting "Westmoreland Wildlife".  

Next, we will have a booth at the "Owl-o-Ween" childrens' event at the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve on Saturday, October 21 from 1:00-4:00 pm.

Our educational animals will be on display, so please come and enjoy these events!  We will be accepting donations at both of these events.  Please see our donation page for a list of items we are currently in need of.  Thank you for your continued support!

Wildlife Works, Inc. Annual Fundraiser Dinner Dance Recap

Our Annual Fundraiser Dinner Dance was a success yet again, thanks to the generosity of our community, family, and friends who came to this event or supported it with donations.  This event raised $3,000 for Wildlife Works!  To the following businesses and individuals who donated time, money, merchandise, or services to the 2017 dinner dance, we are extremely grateful:

Business Donors:

Ungrapeful Winery

Carnegie Science Center


Sanctus Spa


The Gateway Clipper


Byham Theatre

Baum Agency


Spanky’s Tattoos and Body Piercing

Action for Animals

Alexander’s Pizza

Totteridge Golf Club

Greensburg Country Club

Glengarry Golf Links

Donegal Highlands Golf Course

Valley Green Golf and Country Club

Linden Hall Norvelt Golf Club

Red Lobster

Delallo Italian Marketplace

Nature’s Way Market

Red Cross

Lupi & Leo’s

Rocco’s Pizza

Candee St. Pizza Hut

Texas Roadhouse

Kecksburg VFD

Rause Beverage Distributor

Little E’s Pizzeria

The Road Toad

Glenn Mucy Photography

Fort Ligonier

Individual Donors and Volunteers:

Judi Wilson

Jenni Urban

Lori Mozina-Ogurchak

Carol Durco

Carold DaRold

Tina Moore

Leigh Bomer

Monica Leuthold

Joanne Snyder

Pat Davis

Stephanie King

Raphael Pantalone

Wendy Davis

Lisa Vezzani

Sylvia Sholar

Barb Urban

Amanda Harman

Sandy Leuthold

Marcia Swartz

Pam Naples

Clare Kazmarek

Christine Shuglie

Kristy Mathews

Hannah Leszczynski

Allison Checkeye

Rebecca Pecher

Teri  Copper

Evelyn Gillis

Barb McKlveen

Beth Shoaf

Linda Bollinger

Marcia Osborne

Wildlife Rescue Rules

Spring is on its way and wildlings will soon be out and about! If you see an animal that may be in distress, please refer to our Wildlife Rescue Rules before intervening. In many situations, it is actually better to leave the wildling alone! To view our suggestions on how to handle a wildlife situation, please click here

Shopping Using Amazon Smile!

When shopping through, please consider using the web address If you use this web address, will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to a charity of your choice. One of the charities you can choose from is Wildlife Works, Inc! More information can be found at Amazon Smile's FAQ webpage.

Golden Eagle Success Story

This past March, we took in a Golden Eagle that had been hit by a train and had a broken wing. After months of rehabilitation, we are proud to say that he was successfully released on July 24th! Take a look at our slideshow below to see the progress this gorgeous animal made during his stay with us! A big thanks to Milly Gallik for taking these amazing photographs! Also, watch the WPXI news story here!

  • Golden Eagle when he first arrived
    Golden Eagle when he first arrived
  • Golden Eagle receiving treatment
    Golden Eagle receiving treatment
  • Golden Eagle's talon!!
    Golden Eagle's talon!!
  • Closeup of Golden Eagle's face
    Closeup of Golden Eagle's face
  • Golden Eagle in the raptor barn
    Golden Eagle in the raptor barn
  • Almost ready to be released!
    Almost ready to be released!
  • Release Day!!
    Release Day!!
  • Golden Eagle being released!!
    Golden Eagle being released!!
  • Golden Eagle back in the wild where he belongs
    Golden Eagle back in the wild where he belongs
Golden Eagle when he first arrived
Golden Eagle when he first arrived

Supplies Needed!

Wildlife Works, Inc is always in need of various supplies to keep our wildlings happy and healthy! Look on our "Donations" tab for the latest list of supplies that we are in need of, or click here to download a printable copy. Wish List

Wildlife Works, Inc has created a wish list on that contains supplies that we are currently in need of.  Through this list, you can have your donated supplies shipped directly to us via! To see our wish list, click here!