Donation of goods

We are always in need of donated goods to support our facility.  Here is a our "wishlist", which we will update periodically.  Below you will find a button to download a copy of our latest wishlist.  To make a donation, please bring goods to our facility during business hours or to one of our educational events.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

General Wishlist:

As of March 2018, the items we need most include:

Food Items:

Unsalted peanuts

Bird seed

Black oil sunflower seeds

Shelled corn

Scratch feed

Sardines in spring Water

Rehab Supplies:

Paper towels

Chlorine bleach

Laundry detergent

Lysol cleaner

Large black trash bags

Heating pads (with auto shut-off)


Postage stamps

Grocery store gift cards

Office supply store gift cards

Pet store gift cards

AAA batteries